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With its network of branch offices, WORDSHOP meets all of its customers' translation requirements, whatever the language, the medium or the level of urgency.

Our commercial and administrative management application, developed in-house by our IT team, is designed to enable effective and efficient communication with our customers' own business management systems.

With this application, implemented in every branch office throughout our network, we are able to respond in real time, 24/7.

  • From our head office in Paris in the Paris area, we manage our entire European and Middle and Far Eastern production. Working in partnership with our network of agencies, we can respond to your translation requests at any time, in every European Union language and most Middle and Far Eastern languages.
  • Every agency uses the same tools and implements a tried and tested working methodology. All have signed the Wordshop "quality charter", which determines the working procedures within the network, from choosing translators to processing our customers' files.

We also cover the American continent from our office in Philadelphia, USA. Here too, our Quality procedures are scrupulously adhered to by all our agencies.

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Translators & Interpreters


    While Wordshop was founded in 1994, you have to look back much further to understand its philosophy. Peter O'Connor, the founder, arrived in France in 1985 as a young translation graduate. He very quickly made his mark as a top expert in technical translations from French to English, at which point he was spotted by a major European car manufacturer and participated in trialling software that would revolutionise the translating profession by managing translation memories.

    Bolstered by his experience and IT expertise, and in collaboration with Philippe De Clercq, who handles business development, Wordshop soon became a go-to company, managing the translation of documentation for some of Europe's biggest companies.

    However, tools are nothing without a team of highly qualified men and women to wield them. At Wordshop, our staff primarily consists of linguists, graduates of top colleges and universities, whose unrivalled linguistic expertise is matched only by their expertise in the latest translation tools.

  • Today, Wordshop is referenced with some of the biggest European groups and boasts more than 465 customers worldwide. Our extensive resources enable us to handle even the biggest translation projects.
  • For more than 10 years, we have translated documentation for Michelin, Orange, Societe Generale, Loxam, Havas Sport, L'Oréal, Fives, etc.
  • We are involved at multiple levels for each of our customers, for example :


  • Translation of technical manuals in Word and PageMaker, into English, German, Spanish and Italian, for a manufacturer of electrical metering equipment.
  • Translation of instruction booklets into 26 languages for a French manufacturer of household appliances.
  • Translation of workshop manuals in PageMaker and Freehand for a plant automation manufacturer.
  • Translation of technical audit reports for a major telecommunications group.
  • Translation of assembly line documentation for a major tyre manufacturer.
  • Translation of training presentations and interpreting services for a manufacturer of industrial handling equipment.


  • Translation into 3 languages of press reviews for 4 major French groups every Monday morning for publication on-line the same afternoon.
  • Speeches for the Chairmen of our major industrial customers.
  • Website translations.
  • Translation and layout of commercial brochures for an office equipment manufacturer.
  • Transcription and translation of videos for a French carmaker.
  • Translation of slide shows for the launch of a new French motor car.


  • Translation of the employee shareholding plan of a major tire manufacturer into 18 European languages, in collaboration with an advertising agency.
  • Translation of annual reports for many of our industrial clients.
  • Translation of commercial brochures in Indesign for a major French bank.
  • Translation of audit reports for a Telecommunications group.


  • Translation of contracts, deeds, ...
  • Translation of official documents,company registration certificates, ...
  • Translation of articles of incorporations, articles of associations, ...


  • Interpreting services, in 14 language pairings, at the European Parliament, for a presentation made by the CEO of a major French industrial group.
  • Interpreting services for the press launch of a new automotive product.
  • Interpreting services at different purchasing policy training sessions for a telecommunications group.
  • Interpreting services for an international press visit to the United States by a major tire manufacturer.

Special projects

  • Development of a software application linked to the data base of a tourist guide publisher for translation of web-based tourist information into 5 languages (4 million words translated in 4 months).
  • Development of a screen capture and translation application for an electricity provider.
  • Ongoing development of macros and programs to assist the work of our translators.
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People are at the heart of our business. So, naturally, we are committed to taking part in truly human adventures. At present, Wordshop supports different associations and projects both linguistically and financially.

  • DiGeorge Syndrome: From the very beginning, we have supported Génération 22 and the CVFS EF, associations of families affected by this genetic disorder. We provide interpretation services for conferences organised by these associations free of charge and regularly support their initiatives.
  • Fianna Phadraig: For this Pipe Band from Manchester, tradition and modernism are the keywords and this fits well with Wordshop's image. We are proud to support their tours and concerts.
  • La vallée de Plurit: If you have the chance to walk around Le Sourn (Brittany), not far from Pontivy, you will probably be lucky enough to meet the nature lovers who tend this little valley and preserve its unspoilt nature.

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  • Translators

    Our customers count on us to respond to all their language inquiries, which is why we take pride in providing them with direct access to real linguistic experts. At Wordshop, what you will find first and foremost are translators!

    • All of our salaried linguists have graduated from their country's best colleges and universities. Our senior project managers also have extensive experience as translators. We select them based not only on their linguistic abilities but also for their expertise and competency with IT tools. In conjunction with this, we also have a policy of recruiting apprentices in Master 2 Language Industry and Techniques, which has two advantages:
      • The ability to train young master-level linguists to use our working methods and give them the benefit of our decades of experience;
      • Their contribution in terms of new technologies, energy and creativity.

    Having linguists at Wordshop, both young graduates and experienced translators, has allowed us to gradually cultivate a large team of dependable freelance translators. Our in-house linguists speak the same language as our external teams of translators, which significantly improves our response times, efficiency, consistency and professionalism.

    • Each project manager is responsible for overseeing their own team of external translators, recruiting new translators and day-to-day relations. The contract that links us to our freelance translators allows us to guarantee expertise and quality of work, while ensuring compliance with deadlines and confidentiality of information.
  • Interpreters

    While both professions are based on language, interpretation is very different from translation and requires working with people trained specifically in this area. The international guarantee of excellence in this field is the AIIC (International Association of Conference Interpreters).

    Our team of interpreters has been uniquely sourced from interpreters referenced with the AIIC.

    It comprises 16 interpreters who can perform their services anywhere. Each member can provide simultaneous or consecutive interpretation, depending on the type of meeting or seminar.

    We also provide and supply any equipment required for the interpretation: booths, sound system, headsets, infoport system, etc.

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your linguistic memory

After people, Wordshop's second source of strength is its mastery of IT tools, beginning with managing translation memories and terminology bases.

For more than 20 years and for every customer, we have used SDL Trados applications to create and manage translation memories and termbases for each individual customer in every possible language combination.

Using these applications, each word, segment and sentence is stored in a translation memory or termbase. Then, whatever format your files are in (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, InDesign, etc.), each new sentence to be translated is compared with those already in the translation memory and the tool displays any previous translations for identical or similar sentences. The translator then uses his or her knowledge to finalise and validate the suggested translation.

We now have translation memories and termbases containing millions of entries.

In addition, our translators have real time access to the entire history of your terminology and editorial style, ensuring linguistic and stylistic consistency.

In the hands of experienced translators, these resources guarantee consistency over time and save both time and money.

More than just a translation agency, Wordshop is its customers’ linguistic memory.

A complete software collection:

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Traduction :

Translation is at the heart of our professional activity. For more than 20 years, we have taken great pride in delivering translations that are perfectly suited to our customers' needs. Every stage of the translation lifecycle at Wordshop goes further towards producing a true rendering of the original document, in line with the target country's style and practices. Our quality procedure ensures that your documents are handled in full compliance with our Quality charter, whatever the language and field. We choose our translators according to their linguistic skills and their expertise in our applications and resources. Our fields of expertise are:
Historically, our main field of expertise. Our technical translators are the best on the market. As expert-linguists, they translate every document with the utmost professionalism, in close collaboration with our customers' engineers and technicians. As skilled users of our vast translation memories, termbases and in-house resources, they ensure accuracy and consistency of translation, while reducing the lead time and final cost for our customers
Legal translations, both simple and sworn, require a high level of precision for every word and comprehensive knowledge of the target country's legal system. Our expert translators are true masters of their craft.
This has to be one of the most delicate areas for a company. It requires excellent knowledge of financial vocabulary and its nuances, to guarantee delivery of a high-quality document to our customers. For 10 years, our financial department has been dealing with documentation from several major European banks and many other companies in the financial sector.
Nowadays, it is essential to have an attractive website to showcase your company. This means paying particular attention not only to its user-friendliness but also its content. We translate all our customers' websites, both commercial and corporate. For websites that require it, we also handle real-time daily updates.
Our dedicated marketing translation team are also skilled copywriters, fully versed in the production of press releases, presentations, press articles, etc. Every day, we help ensure that our customers' communications are perfectly in tune with the needs and practices of their target countries.


Our team of interpreters can perform different types of interpretation in every type of meeting:
Better known as conference interpretation, simultaneous interpretation provides listeners with a real time translation of the speaker’s remarks. This type of interpretation calls for specialized equipment that we can provide. Our teams of interpreters work in pairs for events or meetings of more than 45 minutes in duration.
For this type of interpretation, the speaker's sentence is translated once they have finished speaking. The speaker therefore stops between each sentence, or group of sentences. It is used for meetings between two people or to support management and requires no specialized equipment.
Simultaneous interpretation for one or two people maximum with the interpreter standing next to the person in question. This method requires the presence of 2 interpreters for meetings longer than 45 minutes.
Our teams currently handle most of the conferences organised by our customers, in meeting rooms or by telephone. We are also called upon for highly sensitive meetings in the financial and legal sectors.

Terminology and translation memory management:

We update our customer-specific termbases and translation memories every time we translate a new document. Whenever requested to do so, our terminologists can extract and format terminology to be used by customers for their own use.

Videos :

We offer transcription, translation and subtitling services for your videos. For every request, we will submit a quote to you with the approximate number of hours of work. We entrust this work to specialist contributors.

Installation and maintenance of interpretation equipment:

We supply all the equipment required for our interpretation services, from the "bidule" (microphone and headset system particularly well-suited to site visits) to the full installation of booths, microphones and a sound system. The equipment is delivered to the location of your event and, for full installations, a technician is present for the duration of the interpretation assignment, ensuring there are no technical hitches from start to finish.

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